Listen to radio without TV turned on

An AppleTV internet radio app that works without a TV.

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1  Connect your AppleTV to your stereo

2  Choose a pre-made preset list or create your own

3  Turn your TV off


  • - Turn your AppleTV into an internet radio player that works without a TV*
  • - Listening to radio without your TV turned on*
  • * needs a HDMI-compatible stereo or an little device called «HDMI-Audio-Extractor» for stereos with analog inputs only.


  • - Personal preset list with unlimited stations
  • - Fully editable stations (name, description, stream URL, image URL)
  • - Fully manageable list (add, reorder, delete)
  • - Add stations manually or from a catalog with 20k+ stations
  • - Pre-made preset lists for: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (DE/FR/IT)


  • - Streams an internet radio station from their publicly available URL
  • - Loads current track metadata (only if supported by streaming source)
  • - Speaks the station name, current track title, current track artist on click
  • - Siri remote with swipe (optional tap)
  • - Integrated setup guide + instruction manual


  • - Menu available in English only (other languages in development)
  • - Spoken text fully supported in English, German, French and Spanish. Partially supported in every language available for VoiceOver («Spoken language» must be set to «Default»).